Hello, Happy.

Alright friends, we've got our last Hello, Happy guest post.  I've enjoyed reading from these bloggers about the things that make them happy.  I'm excited to conclude with Liz.  Her grace and inner peace seem to exude from her writing and offers a fresh perspective on life.  I really get captivated reading her blog.  Enjoy!!
Hello, I'm Liz, and my little nook on the internet is called, Life As Liz.  
I had so much fun writing this, and finding all the hidden joys that continually happen in the midst of my daily chaos.  It is great to find the "littlest blessings" are often the ones that bring us so much joy. :) 

1// It has almost become routine, that after a fresh  early morning diaper change, my two youngsters will jump and run on my bed.  I have found joy in these small moments of chasing them around, throwing the sheets above their heads, as they giggle with anticipation as the sheet floats down.  
Once it is time to catch their breaths, I catch them peering through my bedroom window to watch the birds, while exclaiming, "tweet, tweet!"  (Our bedroom view gives me so much joy, every. day.  It reminds me of how much God understands what my heart desires and then gives to me so faithfully.)

2// Ahhh...cooking, baking, and frying.  It's my love language.  I find joy in making meals that feed my family, and seeing the smiles a hearty meal brings to their sweet faces.  Cooking also brings us together in the kitchen, and then around our table, where as a family we talk, laugh, and enjoy our plates each day.  It makes me feel very blessed.

3// If you told me I would enjoy gardening when I was eighteen, I would have laughed at you...hard.  Nevertheless, this is my third year of gardening, and every day that I see my plants surviving, growing, and producing fruits, well....it makes me swell with happiness.  Who knew that getting my hands and knees dirty, to work the earth, would fill me with so much satisfaction. 

4// I'm still a beginner when it comes to knitting; however, knitting clears my mind with each stitch after a chaotic day.

5// Spring is here...finally!  Need, I say more?  So much joy can be found in the seasons.

6// This cookbook was a hidden joy found on the shelf of my library after my son nagged me to death to take him to look for new books to read.  I'm very thankful for his nagging now.  This cookbook, Flour, has me so inspired that I told my husband that I'm going to cook my way through every recipe, just like the movie Julie & Julia.  I think I may just do it, so stay tuned.

7// Finding solitude in the day is probably my biggest joy.  It allows me to connect with God and myself without interruption.  My favorite spot is the dock on the pond during the sunset.  It is the place I go so that my thoughts and creativity can flow freely and I can come up for air after a day full of temper tantrums, screaming children, and a moody teen. Haha!

Thank you, Jessi, for inviting me to guest post;  I feel so honored!

"It is His joy that remains in us that makes our joy full." - A.B. Simpson


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